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Our mission is to deliver end-to-end solutions and services to meet every government identity need. These range from paper to security printing, electrical chip components, enrolment, personalization and issuance, mobile ID solutions, and border control solutions including eGates. Governments can acquire best-in-class passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses, and more, or even the facilities to manufacture their own.

Our broad portfolio gives us the rare ability to cover the full identity value chain at the scale or complexity required. We consult our clients to provide bespoke identity solutions with a high certainty of success. This means maximum convenience for customers and citizens, as we provide support through increasing complexity while securing the future viability of ID infrastructures.Our customer’s trust is the cornerstone of our work and the key to our solutions' success. This is why we are certain:

For the security of personal data



Authentication is the process of authenticating something. The term is most often used in the environment of information technology.

An example of authentication can be a comparison of a password entered by a user with a password that is stored in the server database.

Such a check can be either one-sided or mutual - it all depends on the protection method and service security policy



Identification is a set of measures to establish and confirm the reliability of customer information using original documents and (or) duly certified copies. You can replace all text on the site through the site management system.



Verification is a process or act of data authentication.

On the Internet, verification is used, as a rule, in order to confirm (verify) the identity of the account holder on a particular site.

The origin of the English word Verification goes back to Latin Veritas - the truth

Our activity



We assist governments, document manufacturers and banks in implementing ID programs for electronic passports, financial and social cards.



Electronic document market, electronic payment card market, electronic medical and social cards electronic driver’s license technology for border control, identification and user authentication with using biometrics/p>



Government bodies (ministries; regional and departmental units), banks and financial organizations.

Our technologies

Electronic identity cards

Electronic identification, Electronic payment system, smart cards

Financial services

Software Solutions for electronic payment cards, mobile payments and electronic money.

Social services
  • Electronic identification
  • Electronic payments
  • smart cards
  • E-government
Biometric verification

Multifactor verification identity using ID document or biometrics - in place, remotely, online, mobile

Electronic Driving License
  • Electronic identification
  • Electronic system payments
  • smart cards
Digital registration

Instant collection biometric data new bankets

Electronic medical and insurance cards

Personalized access to patient data

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